Did you know? Tiger Facts

Tigers are one of the worlds most well known animals due to their power, strength and overall reputation. The tiger is often adopted as a sporting mascot for various sporting teams around the world because of this power symbol and the fear that is associated with this ferocious predator.

But with all that you know about these wild predators here are a few more interesting facts that you may not know about the beloved and much feared tiger.

Often referred to as wild cats, the tiger is related to the domestic cat that many of us have as pets. If you are ever lucky enough to get close to a tiger you may notice that tigers can purr when they breath out, similar to a cat. The tiger is also related to the extinct Saber-tooth tiger and is now the largest member of the cat family.

Unlike the common house cat who normally hate getting wet or having a bath, tigers often venture into rivers and lakes to cool off. Here they may also find some prey as other animals cool off in the water too.

Tigers hunt various animals depending on their environment they live in with the most common meals coming from deer, buffalo, wild pigs and boars, monkeys, large lizards, and sometimes even porcupines!

Tigers use their powerful jaws and large canine teeth to trap their prey and quickly kill them. Their sharp claws grab and hold their meals and their teeth rip into the flesh and they often go for the jugular vein in the neck to ensure a quick kill. If a tiger loses its canine teeth from a fight, injury or some sort of disease the tiger will quickly find out that it cannot kill any prey and unfortunately will soon die of starvation. However a healthy and fully functional tiger can easily kill an animal twice its size.

Not the fastest animal out there a tiger needs to sneak up on its next victim so that it can attack quickly. A deer for instance can easily outrun a tiger so the tiger needs to approach quietly and often attacks at night to catch unsuspecting victims.

Even thought a tiger can eat about 21kg of meat in one night a large kill may be too much for it to consume in one sitting. When this happens a tiger will bury the rest of its kill under leaves so as to save it for later. Obviously they do not have the luxury of a locked room for safe keeping or a fridge to keep the meat cool during the day, so the kill could be stolen from other predators or rot if conditions are too hot. For this reason a tiger will mark their territory to protect their left over kills and also to attract females. A powerful tiger can claim up to 100km squared which is a huge territory. During the night a tigers roar can be heard 2km away.

Probably the most fascinating fact about tigers is there stripes on their fur. Similar to a humans fingerprint and irises which are unique to each person, a tigers stripes is unique to each tiger.

Hopefully you gained some new interesting facts that you did not already know about tigers. Stay tuned for our next post on more entertaining info.